I paint watercolours with passion.

In the recent years the watercolour technique has been influrenced by contemporary artists. It changed from a pale paiting to a colour- and powerful way of creative expression and gained new popularity.

Old rules were swept away and the watercolour artist has now more ways at hand to develop his own style. Has it always been "forbidden" to use white colour in the painting, today this rule does not exist any more and one can use white as painting colour as well.Today one can spray on the painting, create spots of colour or just wash away the colour again by spraying water on the painting. The creative process has lost any borders. I as a painter use a wide bandwith of techniques when painting and experience the creative process as a challenge and journey to the painting.

Each painting has its own story which I experince on the location where I paint it. The weather, the contact with other people or any other thing happening around me influences the painting. Therefore one cannot plan them and each painting is an individual result of this process. Years later my memories are attached to the painting.

During many journeys I received inspiration as well from other artists. For sure one can see this influence in my paintings. Nevertheless I am sure that I use these techniques to develop my own handwriting and style. Of course I am constantly developing and improving this.

I hope you enjoy my paintings.


Christian Gödert

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